Thursday, January 6, 2011

Butterhorns (Rogaliki)

I love bread. I love to bake bread. I love to be able to bake these rolls because they taste exactly like bread rolls I ate when I was a child. They where called “Rogaliki”, which means “horns”, but in my area they did not looked like horns (where not bended), but where called “horns” anyway.

You will need:
3 cups all purpose flour
1 cup bread flour  
2 1/4 tsp yeast
1 tsp salt
3 tsp sugar
6 Tbsp margarine or butter 

some butter or margarine for brushing
1 cup and 2 Tbsp water

Makes 12 rolls

1. Dissolve yeast in warm water in bread machine. Stir in sugar and 1 teaspoon of flour. Let it stand for 15 minutes until it will rise a bit and will have bubbles.

2. Add butter, flour and salt. Select dough cycle on your bread machine. My bread machine dough cycle is 1 hour 30 minutes.

3. When dough is ready divide it to 12 portions. Cover with a towel and let it stand for 5-10 minutes. 

4. Melt butter or margarine. On a floured surface, take one portion, and roll it into a 4 x 8 inch square. Brush with the melted butter. Roll up jelly-roll style.


5. Place each roll on baking sheet layered with parchment paper at least 1" apart. You will need 2 baking sheets. On each sheet there will be 6 rolls. Warm oven just a little (not for baking). Place any oven proof pot or bowl with boiling water on lower rack of the oven. Place rolls inside the oven. Let is stand there 30 minutes. Replace water when it gets colder with boiling water. The reason for this is that rolls need to rise under high humidity. 

6. Remove rolls and the pot with water from the oven. 

7. Heat the oven to 350F. While oven gets warm brush rolls with water. Place the pot with boiling water back in the oven. Bake rolls on the middle rack for 15-20 minutes. My rolls had a pale color, so I set the oven thermostat to BROIL during last few minutes of baking, so they would have a golden color.

8. Let it cool for a  few minutes and enjoy!


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